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The Invasion of Aeronbed

Eirwen has decided to lead the forces of Vigmar into Aeronbed. It is a bold, risky move, but the polar bear prefers action and adventure to waiting around in Blakfel. His friend Fridis, the eider duck, remains behind, but the capital turns out to be no safe haven. The two friends, once inseparable, must now confront danger and intrigue on their own.

The first two volumes of the seven-part Ravenstones series follow the adventures of Eirwen and Fridis on their quest to find the bear’s missing friends. Along the way, the two unlikely allies discover new lands, face intrigue, confront mysteries and test their mettle and ambition.

The Ravenstones follows the intertwined adventures of two sets of characters, first Eirwen and Fridis and then Olwen, a lioness, and Eisa, a black panther. Here the well-meaning and the wicked play out their roles in the midst of prophecy and wizardry, politics and spectacle, peace and war, and betrayal and sacrifice.

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