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Olwen and Eisa

Eirwen, the polar bear, has accepted the charge to lead the bears of Heimborn in revolt against their oppressors, the big cats of Aeronbed. His road to victory will require every ounce of patience, cunning and ingenuity he can muster. Although he must confront a determined and vicious enemy, often it is his own side that presents the greatest impediment to his success.

Fridis, having reached new heights of fame in Blakfel, has set herself new goals, ones requiring immediate travel to the southern reaches of Arundati. It is a trip that opens her eyes to the mystery of the magic Ravenstones. But the powers that be in Vigmar’s capital, the Empress Dona Morana and her key advisor, Gloton are determined to undercut her ambitions at every turn.

Volume 3 of The Ravenstones introduces the reader to Aeronbed’s big cats, most notably, the courageous lioness, Olwen, daughter to King Albiorix, and Eisa, the insightful panther, estranged from his Black Legion comrades and mentor, the scheming Baron Rithild. Olwen has received the gift of a prophecy, but she must figure out its meaning and learn how to benefit from that knowledge. She eventually turns to Eisa for help; he turns out to be just the right cat.

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