The Ravenstones is a fantasy, a tale of long-lost magic gemstones, claimed and fought over by many, with the power to change fortunes and alter history, for better or worse. It is also a story of adventure and intrigue, set in a world populated by animals, great and small and two rival entities, Vigmar and Aeronbed, locked in a stalemated war.

Into this world two innocent creatures, a simple polar bear and feisty duck, chance to arrive, without option of returning home. They must make the best of their predicament and chart a new path for themselves, all the while adapting to the strangeness and danger of what they encounter.

The saga is told in seven volumes, the first two of which are being published in tandem in 2019: Eirwen and Fridis and The Invasion of Aeronbed. The remainder of the series will be published as fast as the writer and his editor can get them out the door.

On the one hand, The Ravenstones is a story of an unlikely friendship, a testing of loyalty, experiencing growth, overcoming doubt and obstacles and the power to reinvent oneself, to be whatever one sets out to be. On the other, it is a good old-fashioned mystery and action thriller in which the well-meaning and the wicked vie for power.

The lives of our hero and heroine become intertwined with the fate of the gemstones, as they seek to answer the many questions surrounding them. Who, after so many years, is their rightful owner? What is their secret and fate? Most important of all, at the crucial moment, who will be the one to control them and shape the destiny of this world?

On this site you will (eventually) find relevant notes for the entire series, including brief encapsulations, characters and place names, a map of this world, a biography of the author, news and events, as well as a collection of other information related to the book series.

Opportunities for readers to correspond with the author will be set up through a Q&A page.